15 years after its first transformation, the complex is once again handed over to the vision of Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Transparency and openness are the guiding principles of the new intervention. The goal is to offer a multifunctional space, perfectly integrated into the urban fabric and the life of the city. The solution unites the needs of businesses with the social and sales potential of a meeting spot.




The U shape of the plan will remain unchanged. Entrance to all buildings will be from the ground level of the main building, where two catering or retail commercial premises overlooking the street will also be created. The reception hall will come equipped with a reception desk, guiding visitors towards the other buildings, the meeting rooms, the events area, and the garden level.

The wide glass panes that cover the buildings create a sense of openness and continuity between the street and the heart of the complex, giving depth and showing the green hill on the inside, a material sign of the design vision integrating public and private dimensions.

Energy efficiency in the buildings is one of the foremost concerns of the complex: the renewal project, designed precisely for better performances of the structure as a whole, has obtain the LEED Platinum certification, which will not only guarantee the overall quality but also lend prestige to the building.